About Us

My sister Denyse and I knew immediately that we wanted a studio like this after taking just one class at a fusion Pilates studio in another city. We loved the vibe and the workout so much that we made it our priority to bring this workout to Houston. Determined to get it exactly like we wanted it, we researched and took lots and lots of Pilates classes all over the country. Finally after two years we found a beautiful museum space to call home and a company to manufacture our custom reformers and Body Rock was born.

The Body Rock workout is a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, and strength training set to heart pumping music. The high intensity exercises lengthen, define, and reshape the muscles, truly giving the body and mind fast results.

We pride ourselves on our personable approach and making everyone feel welcome. Our instructors modify the exercises based on the individuals level of comfort. We know that you will love the workout and results just as much as we do.

See you in the studio!

Heather Davis and Denyse Hebert