Class Descriptions


More than just your standard pilates class, our Reformer sessions will take your body to a new level. Traditional Pilates form is coupled with high-intensity exercises that will lengthen, define and reshape your muscles. Add fun, pumping music, custom-made Reformers and our knowledgeable team of too-cute-for-words instructors? Let the addiction begin.

Reformer Blast

The best of both worlds are found here. Shape your muscles then burn off the fat so you can see those muscles. Half Blast and half Reformer, never be bored in this high-energy/high-intensity session.


Caffeinated Body Rock Pilates! Your favorite Reformer exercises at a mega fast pace to supercharge your calorie burn and get your heart and lungs pumping. You will get toned up and leaned out in a 50 minute class composed of boot camp inspired, interval style exercises and end with a well deserved cool down of dynamic stretching on the Reformer. Previous Body Rock Reformer experience is recommended as the class moves quickly, but all levels are welcome.

Jump Board Reformer

Get ready to JUMP into a more toned body. This 50 minute reformer Pilates class utilizes jump boards to combine low impact cardio with fitness style Pilates. All over body conditioning and a whole lot of fun, this fast paced class is a great way to blast some calories while developing sleek muscle tone.