Sara Dane


Sara is a certified Pilates instructor by the Pilates Method Alliance with current studies in fascial based therapies. A Chicago native, Sara discovered her passion for mind body exercise as a ballet dancer at the Academy of Movement and Music and Momenta dance company. Her classes are inspired by the body’s anatomical lines, structured to maximize results in both strength, tone and flexibility and enhanced by her love of music. She has taught yoga, Pilates and barre classes full time in Houston since 2012. As the head instructor at Body Rock, Sara has the opportunity to share her passion for Pilates through training new teachers and continue to lead the growth and development of the Body Rock team.

Favorite Exercise: Wheelbarrow for full body integration and floating diamond plié squats at the barre for high intensity cardio burn

What can you find on her playlist: Dance music from current hits to old favorites and lots of EDM

Quotes to live by:
“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase”
– Joseph Pilates